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Ramses Zwei GmbH / Vienna - Bucharest operates in the segments of agricultural and forestry land since 2002 in Romania particularly in Bucharest, Timisoara and Constanța.

We offer the broad array of modern farms of various sizes representing individual investors during the whole process of purchasing mainly while negotiating with the other contracting party regarding agreement to enter into sales contract, representing client while negotiating with cadastral authorities, banks and other administrative bodies.

Furthermore we support you in your search for commercial sites at suitable locations and by the acquisition of selected business and office properties to at least net yield of 8% and average lease terms of at least 5 years in the centers of large cities. We pay particular attention to the tenant mix with international tenants.

Additionally we assist in the preparation of grant applications for your projects under the EU program
(CAP 2014 – 2020) through our Mr. Agr. Eng. Dr. Bogdan Oancea
(certified for consultative services  in the subsidy section).


"Actual Offers" from agriculture, farms, forestry, properties and projects in romania

"Actual Offers" for Romania (May 1st 2017) as PDF (1,12MB)

If you are interested, please contact us for further information.

It always applies the latest version on this page.

our actual offers as table
Information for Prospective

In Romania in the field of agricultural land there are still sufficient available compact large farmland plots from 500 ha size with the exception of Timiș and Arad county regions.
These areas in Timiș and Arad are just to get through the acquisition of farm holdings as the existing large areas, to exceptions, in the hands of large almost exclusively international farm holdings in property or connected in lease with the statutory preemption rights.

Farm businesses are frequently offered in an exit scenario of mostly Italian owners who have often bought large areas to then very low prices  in "Deutsch Mark"in the 90's and early 2000's and have built farms with high EU subsidies. After the holding period of usually 7 years this farm operations can now be sold for a price with a high profit because of the enormous increase in value of the land. Nevertheless the latest required rates of such farms are market-driven and are considerably below the prices in Western Europe. Also lucrative is the cattle breeding in Romania (especially Angus). For this purpose we can also make offers. The subsidy per animal is € 98.60

Regarding forests is to warn against too tempting offers of up to 30,000 hectares. Usually there are legal problems as opposed to agricultural land in terms of ownership. Reference should be made only in the affair PROKON with reportedly 40,000 ha. In this case it is essential at the beginning to seek clarification before unnecessary money and time are spent. The matter must be analyzed by an experienced lawyer in the actual ownership rights and possibly of “first refusal” existence. We offer only forests, usually smaller, which can be legally and properly tested and actually assigned to the owner.

In the Real Estate domain there are attractive properties with a yield (net) offered between 8% and 14%. Most of them are offices and commercial properties (these typically include the ground floor, retail space and top office space in a central location in Bucharest but also in major cities of the country).

Finally it should be mentioned that the already previously moderate tax rates were lowered at the beginning of 2016 again. Thus the flat rate for income and corporation tax is 16%, the release load is now only 5% compared to previously 16% and the VAT now 20% instead of the previous 24% and for food only 9% instead of 24%.

Forget all the stories about Dracula in Romania, Romania is on track to be a model country in Eastern Europe with its new government under Klaus Johannis.

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